Hechingen Film / by James Whitaker

I'm delighted to present a short film that I've been working on recently - Hechingen Studio

Hope you enjoy it!

Someone once said to me that if you are going to make a jeans company concentrate on making a really good pair of jeans before you start selling t-shirts. I thought it was pretty good advice so I've been concentrating on stills up to now, making sure that they are as seductive and polished as can be. However when I was an undergraduate at uni I was a bit of a geek and used to teach animation on the post-graduate course. A couple of years ago I made a short film for fun with my brother and a bunch of friends and it went on to win a film festival in Canada. So we know a bit about making nice films. We approached this film in the same fashion as we would approach a live footage piece, working up a storyboard and then animatic, before editing and fine-tuning the shots, then we worked up the animation to what you see above.

For the geeky amongst you all animation and modelling was done in 3DS Max, rendering with VRay and post-production in Adobe. Rebus Farm was used to outsource some of the number crunching and the music was found on Musicbed. If you'd like to know any more feel free to ask in the comments section below.

You can read more about the building in this article on Dezeen.