Snapshot by James Whitaker

We follow the journey of two couples as they get a snapshot that’ll last forever.

Last month I made my first ever film - Snapshot. I’ve been wanting to make a film for ages and the Virgin Media Shorts competition provided the perfect excuse. I started work on the film back in April with my brother Thom and friend Dominic Humphrey and after a month of bouncing around ideas Thom and his creative partner Danielle produced a script that made us all smile.

As well as being a small film, we only had a small budget as well so actors and actresses were auditioned with the promise that those picked would get some headshots in exchange for their time and help.   With Chris, Becca, Richard and Stephanie all on board I was able to turn to my friend Jamie Hind at Cloud and Horse for some assistance building our photo booth. Finally, a few more friends were recruited to give a hand at the actual shoot.

Snapshot stared Stephanie Wilson, Richard Mason, Becca Laidler and Chris Luca

Music by Dan Neale

Sound recorded by Dominic Humphrey

Sound edited by Dominic Dew

Set Constructed by Jamie Hind

Location managed by Michael Eichler

Screenplay by Thom Whitaker and Danielle Noel

Produced by James Whitaker, Thom Whitaker, Daniell Noel and Dominic Humphrey

Directed by James Whitaker

Special thanks go to:

Metro for furnishing us with a paper stand and papers.

David and Wendy Hall for letting us take over their front garden for the shoot.

City of London for allowing us to film outside on the street.

London Underground.

David Eland for lending us a generator, and then when the generator didn’t work The Bishop’s Finger for providing us with a main’s socket.

Jungle Studios for their assistance with the sound.

All that’s left to do now is start on the next film…