House season finale filmed on Canon 5DmkII - Technical Stuff / by James Whitaker

Yesterday Greg Yaitanes, producing director of House Season 6, organised a twitter chat for all those interested in the technical issues involved in the filming of the season finale on Canon’s 5DmkII.   Drawing together the DP Gale Tattersall, post production producer Allen Palmer and independent DSLR expert Philip Bloom the conversation proved fascinating.   While the live conversation is now finished the transcript can still be viewed at the Brizzly Picnic and is well worth a look.

Just getting into filming, some of the highlights of the conversation for me were points about colour control and picture style, problems of artifacting when panning quickly, and focusing.   It was also interesting to hear that one option that they used for making the camera mobile was to stick it on a mono pod and then holster it in a scouts’ flag pole sling - a much cheaper alternative to a steady cam.

There were also lengthy discussions about their workflow and things that they would like to see on the next generation of 5D.   However I’ll let you get this straight from the horses mouth here.

If this is all of interest though I highly recommend that you listen to Philip Bloom’s hour long interview with Greg that’s available from Philip’s website.