Portrait by Mark Whitaker

Portrait by Mark Whitaker

I'm James and I'm an architect, photographer and digital artist. Being an architect is the only thing I'm qualified to be though, and I've had the privilege to have a great education and work in some brilliant architectural practices.

At both Ron Arad's and Thomas Heatherwick's I was in environments where people were designing buildings and furniture, and working on art pieces and industrial design. They worked on what they were passionate about. Well my passions are designing and image making.

My aim - my long term aim - is to grow a business that designs great buildings and creates captivating imagery. Both as equals. Neither secondary.

When creating an image I have to fall in love with the subject. I'm hunting out their best features. I want to show them in their best light. I want to infect others with my enthusiasm for the subject and bring them on the journey of discovery with me.

I find designing a different kettle of fish. I often have a furrowed brow when designing. I'm hunting for the problems. The ugly bits. The unresolved bits. A design never gets finished. There's always room to improve and fine tune.

Designing and image making are my yin and my yang. They're what I love doing, and every day I work hard to do the best work I can. Whitaker Studio is my business and home to my work.

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James Whitaker studied architecture at The University of Edinburgh, where he also taught animation and multimedia. He has worked in London and Hong Kong in the studios of Thomas Heatherwick and Ron Arad on a variety of projects, big and small. James's photography work has been exhibited widely and published internationally, from the BBC Culture Show to Architecture New Zealand. Joshua Tree Residence was the most popular project on Dezeen in 2017.


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